Important jewels in Milan since 1947

Metals and precious gemstones, worked with passion, create sublime alchemies that shape everyday geometries into true masterpieces.

Jewels with precious stones cut into hearts it a ring, a pendant or an earring... it is always the form of Love.

Eternity rings in precious stones

Lightness and solidity make the gesture eternal.

Unique pieces

The creations of nature are often unrepeatable.


Pederzani Jewellery has been a reflection of Italian style in the world of jewelry for over 75 years. The creation of a jewel is a journey into the soul of women. Only the expert eye of our master goldsmiths can grasp the right proportions in matching the colors of precious stones and know how to shape raw materials such as gold and platinum giving them unique shapes - essential to give life to our exclusive and eternal jewels worthy of being worn by women all over the world.

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